Wordy Wednesday: November Fourth

Julia the Writer Girl

IT’S SO NICE OUT TODAY. It’s honestly kind of scaring me. Seventy-five and sunny on a Wednesday in November? I should not be sitting at a table outside Espresso Royale with bare legs right now. But I AM.

I ended up being up past midnight again last night, not even because I was writing, but because I made the mistake of looking at the course guide for next semester (MY LAST SEMESTER) and, dude, that is a dark hole of despair you do not want to go down. (THERE ARE SO MANY CLASSES I WANT TO TAKE AND I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO TAKE THEM AND WHYYY.)

(Sorry for all the caps lock today. I blame the apocalypse sun for messing with my ability to probably format things.)

Despite going to bed later than I wanted, I also woke up an hour early this morning for no apparent reason…

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