NaNo Day 14: Slowly But Surely

Julia the Writer Girl

So, I don’t really have anything interesting to share from today. I didn’t end up getting any writing done last night. (I was still so asfknakrsnlkrn over everything that I just read Carry On and listened to the Finding Neverland cast recording until I fell asleep, which even then took about a billion hours.)

BUT I have been writing almost nonstop since I woke up this morning, so, a tally of today’s accomplishments:

  • Wrote a blog post for The Book Creators! (Will be going up probably tomorrow?) It’s about NaNoWriMo and recycling ideas.
  • Wrote my first blog post for [art]seen, the blog I’m now contributing to at my university! It’s a preview of Mockingjay – Part 2.
  • Ate three slices of leftover Jet’s pizza while watching an episode of Jane the Virgin! (I’m finally on season 2! That’s an accomplishment, right?)
  • Took a shower after…

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