NaNo Day 26: Thank You

Julia the Writer Girl

Hey there and HAPPY THANKSGIVING (if you’re American)!!

It’s been a long day (but a very, very good one). I forgot to turn off my alarms for school, so one woke me up at nine o’clock this morning, after I ended up staying up until like two chopping sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and reading Emma for homework.

Despite how tired I was though, I was Very Awake at that point, so I grabbed my laptop and managed to get in 2.5k before heading downstairs for a late breakfast.

Watched the end of the Detroit Thanksgiving parade with my family. Ate lots of carbs. Did a grocery run, showered, and made a Rice Krispie turkey. (All in a day’s work for Julia the Vegetarian Girl.)

Then, it was off to my grandparents’ house for more cooking. Made mac and cheese (my specialty, obvs). Aaand finally, in the late afternoon, sat…

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