NaNo Day 17: Grilled Cheese and Harry Potter

Julia the Writer Girl

It’s been a good day.

My creative writing instructor liked the short story I turned in last week (it’s an old one, but it was still nice seeing the “excellent” scrawled at the end); we’re studying Guillermo del Toro in Mexican cinema; the bookshop I work for got a shipment of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings paraphernalia that I got to help unpack; my choir class had our first rehearsal with the orchestra we’ll be performing with at this semester’s concert; and now I’m eating Panera tomato soup and grilled cheese while waiting for my last class to start.

Oh, and I’m listening again to the Finding Neverland cast recording. Because apparently I’m addicted to this thing now. (I blame Hannah. She was listening to my favorite song from it last week and now I CAN’T GET THE FREAKING THING OUT OF MY HEAD.)

Here, I’ll ruin…

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