Wordy Wednesday: November Eighteenth

Julia the Writer Girl

So, um… I accidentally wrote 8.3k today.

Isn’t it funny how that happens? Like I started out the day 3,000 words behind. I’ve been putting off writing since Sunday. And that extra time I had this morning to write? I spent it catching up on The Flash.

But I was sick of being behind, and so disgusted with myself for letting it happen AGAIN–so after my morning class I headed to a coffee shop, plopped myself down at a table with a medium hot caramel apple cider, and wrote for three hours. Went to my next two classes, then trooped over to Noodles & Co. to grab dinner and write for another few hours.

And now here we are, at 9:00 PM, and instead of being 3,000 words behind, I am now 4,500 words ahead.

What I’ve been writing all day is crap (really, what I’ve been writing all…

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