Bonus Post: How to Study for Finals

Julia the Writer Girl

Step 1: Start out confident.


Step 2: Realize you can’t remember a single thing you learned at the beginning of the semester anymore, and the rest of it is just sort of a haze of why-am-I-not-sleeping-right-now and when-are-we-actually-going-to-need-to-know-this-(oh-crap-I-forgot-about-finals).


Step 3: Make a face like a pirate in hopes of scaring your notes into making more sense.


Step 4: When that doesn’t work, make a face like a lost puppy instead, in hopes of depressing your notes into taking pity on you, and thus making more sense.


Step 5: Take a nap.



If you’ve got final exams coming up: Good luck! I’m rooting for you not to fall flat on your face like I’m probably going to.

If you don’t: Run.

Talk to you Wednesday!


PS. I’m serious. Run. Run, Forrest, Run–save yourself while you still can, because, “The finals are coming! The finals are coming!” AHHHHH.

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