Wordy Wednesday: Still Miss Yesterday

Julia the Writer Girl

Hey there! I’M HOME FOR WINTER BREAK. Of course, I still have a term paper due Friday and a take-home final due Monday. But at least I’m working on these with Sammy curled up at my feet?

I also took a break from schoolwork yesterday to send a bazillion emails and wrap a bazillion gifts and eat a bazillion carbs, so things are going pretty well.

ALSO, over the weekend I had a new post go up on [art]seen, the event review blog I write for at U of M! I previewed Star Wars. Check it out here.

This week’s Wordy Wednesday is a poem.


Yesterday I found myself
a place I’d been a thousand times
but I didn’t recognize a
single face there

It was still the same street,
with the same displays,
same concrete, but still
something felt different—
I realized it was me


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